Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt: A guide to Our Garment Wash Beach Inspired Tee and Classic Lightweight Tee

At DoodCrew Studio we select only the very best fabrics and apparel for our custom designs and artistry.  We use two types of t-shirts for decorating: 

  • our 5.5 oz Garment Wash Beach Inspired Tee specifically for our embroidered designs, and
  • our 4.3 oz Classic Lightweight Tee for our graphic designs. 

    Read on to learn more about each style.

    Garment Wash Beach Inspired Tee (specifically for our embroidered designs)*

    When it comes to style, the right canvas matters.  This tee is more than just fabric; it's a work of art waiting for our embroidered designs to be applied.  Here is why you'll love it:

    • Unparalleled Softness.  Our t-shirt boasts an unmatched level of softness. Crafted from 5.5-ounch, 100% pigment-dyed ring spun cotton, it feels like a gentle caress against your skin.  Whether you're wearing it or stitching on it, comfort is guaranteed. 
    • Vintage Charm.  Embrace the timeless appear of vintage aesthetics.  the worn-in look of our tee adds character and authenticity.  It's like wearing a piece of history--one that's ready to be transformed into something even more remarkable.
    • Vibrant Colors.  Thanks to the pigment-dying process, each garment is infused with unique hues.  Expect slight color variations.  Plus, after washing, the colors remain as vibrant as ever.
    • Standard Fit, Extraordinary Potential.  Our tee maintains its shape even after washing.  No worries about shrinkage or distortion.
    • Timeless Beauty.  As time goes by, our t-shirt only gets better.  The colors deepen, the fabric becomes even more inviting, and your embroidery becomes a cherished piece of wearable art.
    • Suitability.  This tee is suitable for our embroidered designs, and can ALSO be used for our graphic designs, just ask!

    Note:  Due to the pigment-dying process, slight color variations are normal and add to the tee's charm.

    Classic Lightweight Tee - Cosmic Comfort! (suitable for our graphic designs)*

    This tee isn't just a shirt--it's a canvas for creativity and comfort.  Crafted with care, this lightweight masterpiece is perfect for adventurers, dreamers, and future trendsetters. Here's why you'll love it:

    • Feather-Light Feel:  at 4.3 ounces, this tee won't weigh you down.  It's like wearing a cloud made of marshmallow fluff.
    • Ultimate Softness:  The cotton is combed and ring-spun, ensuring a touch as gentle as a butterfly's kiss.  Perfect for sensitive skin--no itchiness allowed!
    • Unrestricted Mobility:  Whether climbing trails, chasing young one, or practicing dance moves, this tee moves with you all day long!
    • Pre-Shrunk Magic:  The fabric is preshrunk before construction, so no surprises after laundry day.  It's like having a crystal ball for shrinkage.
    • Side-Seamed Style:  Because seams matter.  This tee ensures a flattering fit.
    • Regular Fit, Extraordinary Confidence:  Confidence is the best accessory.  

      Note:  Not for Embroidery:  Due to its lightweight nature, we recommend saving the embroidery magic for our Garment Washed Beach Inspired Tee

      *All our tees are CPSIA compliant