90's Theme Back to School Tee

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Take a nostalgic trip back to the vibrant '90s with our Customizable 90's Themed Back-to-School T-Shirt!  This eye-catching tee is a throwback to the decade of fun and flair, perfect for kids to rock as they head back to class.


  • Retro 90's Design:  Packed with iconic '90s symbols like smiley faces, pencils, and roller skates, all in a burst of neon colors.
  • Grade Level Customization:  Personalize it with your child's grade level, from kindergarten to fifth grade, in a funky font that screams '90s cool.
  • Variety of Colors:  Available in a range of rad colors to suit every style, whether your kid loves pink, green, or any color in between.
  • Soft and Comfortable:  Made with quality materials for a soft feel and durability, ensuring it lasts from the first day to the last.

Let your child express their individuality and start the school year with a blast from the past!

This shirt uses the 4.3 oz Classic Lightweight Tee for incredible comfort.  Learn more about our tees here