Personalized Welcome Tee Back to School - Custom Grade and School Name Included

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Step into the school year with the style and excitement with our "Hello Grade T-Shirt!  Specifically designed for your child's school, this T-shirt is a vibrant celebration of your child's step up to a new grade level.


  • Vibrant Design:  The bold, colorful letters of "Hello (Second) Grade" create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for your child.
  • School Spirit:  The school's name is featured in a clean, elegant font, fostering a sense of community and pride.
  • Personal Touch:  Each T-shirt is crafted with care, ensuring that your child feels special and valued. 
  • Quality Comfort:  Made with soft, high-quality fabric for durability and comfort throughout the school day.

Let your child shine with confidence and joy as they wear their personalized T-shirt, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their education!

This shirt uses the 4.3 oz Classic Lightweight Tee for incredible comfort.  Learn more about our tees here